What its like to to go to middle school in Durham academy

What happens when you go to middle school in da its pretty stress full, how do i know well its happing to me now I’m transferring to middle school in da. I feel the pain just like others in da, some people are exited to be in a new building and to be older, when others are panicked and worried a nervous about have to find there way to class and the harder stuff you have to do, and some are just in both sides, like me I can’t wait to be older (teen/teenager) and the other part is how am i going to find my way around this place! Do you get the picture of struggle hear for us forth graders! We had no idea how the place looked like and how big it was. Until we had are field trip to the middle school ( its like the teachers could read are minds!) as we drive there we all gasp in excitement and fear.Most were amazed to go there next year, when other we not they uncomfortable, but i understand them its like your starting life over again ( as Anela says “were going to be the first graders again.sense we will be youngest) lol. So if your going up to middle school and ur nervous ,exited, both. Let me just tell you its going to be ok and who knows what will happen so be as optimistic as you can. Cause its not as bad as you might be thinking right now. Bye now i hope this story helps if ur going to middle school ( if ur in da don’t answer espasly if ur in forth grade right now ) bye! :3 i hope you enjoyed!


Let’s do a hard hard hard super duper hard trick a front Ariel.

Maybe you now how to do it great.but some don’t now how to. But its ok.Now  first do your front kick over aka front walk over. Try to jump a little now and kick over. After that then try to run jump up.

How did it go good!? “Nice” now they those things to greater then tuck your head in for rotation if you need it now put it all to getter. Trust me you’ll get sooner or later but nice work anyway.just keep practicing it for success.

Omg! That’s awesome! you did it,NEXT…hand spring ! So its just like the front aerial but just jumping to first try to do a jump hand stand. Then do a kick over then then bounce right up then as hard you can. Then you did a hand spring. Contacts. You beat all my trick your so pro. It’s ok if your still working on something.at lest your trying your hardest. And that’s all that matters nice. Now your can show your friends your new tricks and moves and maybe even teach them how to do it with tips. You can  even prove to gymnast friends as well! I hope you learn som new. Bye for now


Number three


welcome back so we are going to start with doing cartwheels a easy trick to learn.So first go in a star fish shape standing up.NOW billed your way down as your turn to the ground or you can make your way up to get it. You can choice with one your most comfortable with.ok now try it. NOT BAD for your first time.ok next trick is a back bend walk so first you need to go in your backbend from last time now try your best to move your hand slowly ok.now move the Opposite leg now try to get faster and faster as you move. By the way waddling helps cause it helps you move from foot to foot and hand to hand. Nice you guys are great at this. Now try and race your friends or you can keep working on it. Let’s add a bonus trick a front walkover then a back kick over! So first kick your leg over your head like a donkey kick.

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Gymnastic part 2

BACK on track.

The last part was learning walkover’s this this it leaps and splits. First split is a medium level of gymnastics so you will be able to do it. It might take a while though. So to start the splits u need to go in a straddle if you don’t know what a straddle is it where you put your leg in criss cross applesauce then spread your legs apart. Then you lean in a little and put your hands on the ground.the try your best to turn a round on to your dominant leg.Or you can stand and go down slowly it’s your choice! Now try your best to hold it. Keep practicing and you’ll get it, trust me. Next trick is…..DRUM ROLL please. A leap!!! So first you need to jump and try to touch your toes. Now go back to your splits. Now try a running start when you touch your toes.now put your split with your jump and get a running boost. Give it a try. Nice! Now try it even faster or higher or even farther split.Yet Again it your choice. Next trick is…backbend walk and cartwheels! See you in part 3!

My first post

Gymnastics and yoga

This is my gymnastic post if you know how to do gymnastics great! I will teach you how to do tricks and I’m going to learn new tricks myself and see if  ya’ll can do it. It’s going to be awesome. 

The first trick is called a walkover. To do this, you start by doing a bridge which is a type of back bend. There are several ways to do one, but it is easiest to start on the ground. Lay on your back and put your arms over your head with your hands on the ground by your ears and bend your knees. Then your stomach up and push up on your arms. So now you’re in a backbend. There are two types of walkovers: a back walkover and a front walkover. This is the back walkover. So put one of your legs in the air, then push off the other foot and kick over while you look to the ground so you get the rotation. Look now you just did your first ever walkover! Now if you keep practicing a lot you can try by doing your backbend standing!

In a future post let’s do a split !!

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